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Metallurgical & Environmental Testing Laboratories, (M.E.T. Lab) is one of the Midwest's newest and most advanced materials testing facilities. We provide destructive and non-destructive testing to the most stringent industrial and military standards. With the addition of a scanning electron microscope, we are able to provide complete fractography and failure analysis to our customers. 

Our non-destructive testing facilities include microprocessor controlled x-ray equipment to consistently inspect parts for internal defects. Our magnetic particle and dye penetration inspection units are designed to meet high volume production needs. Ultrasonic equipment for thickness gauging and flaw detection are available for in house and field work. Two advance spectrometers are available for chemical composition determination of ferrous (alloy, tool and stainless) and non-ferrous materials.

We evaluate for tension or compression of materials using our N.I.S.T. universal hydraulic traceable test machine.

We evaluate for tension or compression of materials using our N.I.S.T. universal hydraulic traceable test machine.

Mechanical Testing:

Mechanical Testing

Our tensile testing equipment (equipped with 2000, 20,000 and 120,000 pound load cells) allows us to test a broad spectrum of sample sizes in compression, tension, and bending. Other mechanical testing equipment includes Charpy impact, macrohardness (Rockwell, Brinell) and microhardness (Knoop, Vickers) testers.

Non-destructive Testing:





Radiology, magnetic particle inspection, liquid penetrant, and ultrasonic inspection techniques are performed on forging, weldments, casting, and fabricated components using nationally recognized standards.

Chemical Analysis:

Chemical Analysis

Inductively coupled plasma (ICP) and optical emission (OE) spectroscope techniques are available for chemical analysis and material verification on a routine basis or for special project needs. Combustion techniques are available for carbon and other element determination. Corrosion resistant evaluation is also available using salt spray methods.

Failure Analysis & Consulting:

Non-destructive Testing

The combination of our metallography, chemical and mechanical testing departments provide the resources necessary for complete failure analysis and fractography evaluation. Resident experts are available for problem-solving of processing issues (materials flow, distortion, cracking, etc.) and expert witness testimony.

Advanced metallographic and optical techniques make it possible to quantitatively evaluate microstructure, case depth, plating thickness, welds, as well as grain size, nodularity, and cleanliness.

M.E.T. Lab has become an invaluable source of technical information for our customers. We've provided service to a broad range of customers from the smallest tool and die to the largest automotive manufacturers and the Department of Energy.

M.E.T. Lab is accredited to
A2LA Accredited, Cert. Nos: Nondestructive (0302.01), Mechanical (0302.02)

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